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Analytical methods of allergen detection

May 5, 2017 9:57:13 AM / by admin posted in Analytical methods, ATP, food, Food and Drink Europe, allergen detection, Allergens, Inmunochromatographic, Proteon, Surfaces


Food allergens are components of foodstuff and additives that when digested, in contact or inhale cause an immune reaction known as food allergy.

Although some allergies occur more frequently than others, and there are about 160 foods that can cause allergic reactions, the most common ones are those to the cow milk, eggs, legumes (including soy), wheat/gluten, fish, shellfish, fruits, and nuts, such as peanuts and walnuts.

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Allergens on surfaces: A source of Cross-contacts control in allergen management

Dec 18, 2014 12:23:29 PM / by admin posted in allergens in food, allergy management, allergy testing, allergy testing kits, allergy tests, Cross contamination, eu food regulations, Food allergen detection, food allergen detector, food allergens, food allergies, food allergy detection, food information for consumers, food labelling regulations, food microbiology testing, food processing, food testing methods, gluten free diet, allergen detection, allergen extraction, allergen food detection, allergen legislation, allergen management, allergen testing food industry, allergen testing kits, Allergens, HACCP, Hazard analysis and critical control points, hidden allergens, most allergenic foods, new allergen laws, regulation


The countdown to the coming into force of Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 starts. From 13th December of this year, all commercialized food has to highlight if any allergens of mandatory mention are present in their composition. Even unpackaged food and menus offering in catering or restaurants are included in this regulation.

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