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Detection of antibiotic residues in feed: from farm to fork

Feb 26, 2015 1:43:36 PM / by admin posted in antibiotic free chicken, antibiotic free meat, antibiotic residue in meat, antibiotic residues, Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic resistant bacteria, antibiotic testing, Antibiotics, antibiotics in chicken, Antibiotics in feedingstuffs, antibiotics in food, antibiotics in meat, antibiotics in our food, antimicrobial resistance, Detection of antibiotic residues in feed, e-reader, food quality testing, Food Safety Safe food, food security, Inhibition test, Maximum residue limit, MRL, Safe on food, screening method, veterinary drug residue testing, zeulab


The use of antibiotics with therapeutical or prophylactical purposes is a common practice in livestock. These antimicrobials are often administered to food animals through medicated feedingstuffs.

lod Detection of antibiotic residues in feed explorer 2.0Antibiotics in feedingstuffs

Medicated feedingstuffs may be defined as mixtures of veterinary medicinal products and feed intended to be fed to animals because of their therapeutic or preventive features. Antimicrobial products that are part of medicated feedingstuffs must have been authorised for the animal species which the feed is administrated to and must also be included in Council Regulation 2377/90.

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The presence of antibiotic residues in meat could affect production and food security of sausages

Sep 10, 2012 2:02:45 PM / by admin posted in Antibiotics, antibiotics in meat, Explorer kit, food security


Bacterial starter cultures are fundamental for sausage fermentation. These lactic acid bacteria ferment the raw meat and guarantee that final product is acidic enough to kill pathogens that might have existed.

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