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DATA REVIEW: How to detect the 128 authorized medicines for mastitis?

We continue helping to produce high quality and safe food providing testing kits

Steps to identify aflatoxin M1 in milk

Zeulab is commited wiht the "One Health" Iniciative

Quantitative IC: Improving the interpretation of positive samples

Test4all: Antibiotics control by anyone, at anytime and anywhere

Astori Tecnica, Zeulab's distributor in Italy, present at CIBUS TEC

Test4all, the control of antibiotics in milk from your smartphone or tablet

Methods for Salmonella and Listeria analysis

Answers to FAQs in pathogen analysis

Salmonella or Listeria monocytogenes can cause your business closure

Listeria and Salmonella test in a simple and safe device without laboratory

Zeulab has been granted with the “Premio Aragón Investiga” award in the 2018 edition

Zeulab collaborates with Action Against Hunger

Zeulab collaborates with Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Allergens management in the food industry II: Staff

Zeulab has been granted with the TESTACOS project

PROTEON DUO MILK EXPRESS, the only rapid test that identifies the two main allergens in milk

Advantages and disadvantages of the main analytical methods used in allergen management

Management of allergens in food industry

Zeulab takes part in the IV Food Quality & Safety International Congress Acofesal

Selection and use of test kits by accredited laboratories

Analytical methods of allergen detection

Representatives of the Lithuanian Dairy Board visit Spain

Analysis of allergens on work surfaces: “cotton cheats”

Zeulab collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

ZEULAB: example of solidarity and commitment with the non-governmental organizations

The simplest and least time consuming method to test antibiotic residues in food


Special Plan for the Italian dairy sector

China’s Dairy evolution and new challenges

ZEULAB Collaborates with Oxfam Intermon

Detection of antibiotic residues in feed: from farm to fork

Listeria and Listeriosis

Antibiotics in food: responsibility of all

Time-out for the mouse bioassay

Allergens on surfaces: A source of Cross-contacts control in allergen management

Goat cheese? Sheep cheese? Is the label correct?

Moving away from Mouse Bioassay (MBA). Time to implement the new legistation for lipophilic toxins will end on 31 December 2014

The analysis of antibiotics in meat has never been easier


Mouse bioassay for determination of lipophilic marine toxins in shellfish comes to its end

ZEULAB Collaborates with the Food Bank

The PP2A test- OKATEST- suggested as the screening test of choice for Washington State monitoring program.

ZEULAB attended the AOAC 127th annual meeting in Chicago

Explorer 2.0 and the Food Bank

Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis: Fourth Joint Symposium AOAC Task Force Meeting 2013

Plankton adaptation to warmer oceans.

Determination of OA-toxins by a phosphatase inhibition assay. Collaborative study.

Cheese celebrates his 9.000th birthday

NEW IC BUFFALO KIT: Detection of cow's milk in buffalo's milk.

Celiac patients would improve their quality life.

SIRAM Conference 2012

ASSG Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers Annual conference

ZEU INMUNOTEC First Distributor’s Meeting

The presence of antibiotic residues in meat could affect production and food security of sausages

Demonstration of OkaTest for Okadaic Acid-Toxins at Quasimeme Workshop

Indian Government sounded the alarm over adulterated milk in India.

A SLV of a PP2A developed by ZEU-INMUNOTEC, just published on Toxins journal

The European Reference Lab for Marine Biotoxins (EURLMB) informs that OkaTest fulfills the legislation requirements for OA-toxins testing

A comparison of assay techniques for Okadaic acid toxins determination in shellfish

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) verifies the performance of MicroCystest kit for detection of microcystins under the Environmental Verification Technology Program (ETV)

Protein phospatase (PP2A) from ZEU-INMUNOTEC is the best choice for okadaic acid and microcystins detection

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