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DATA REVIEW: How to detect the 128 authorized medicines for mastitis?

Apr 20, 2020 10:54:01 AM / by Pedro Razquin posted in milk testing, veterinary drug residue testing, veterinary drug residues in milk, Zeulab Products


The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) authorizes a total of 128 drugs for treatment of mastitis in dairy cattle in Spain. A study carried out by our company in November 2019 with information available from CIMAVet (veterinary drug information center) shows that 34.4% of them are beta-lactams, 28.9% quinolones, 13,3% macrolides and 10.2% tetracyclines. Aminoglycosides (7%), sulfonamides (2.3%) and other antibiotics of different chemical structure (3.9%) complete the whole list.

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Test4all, the control of antibiotics in milk from your smartphone or tablet

Oct 2, 2019 4:01:30 PM / by ZEULAB S.L. posted in veterinary drug residue testing, veterinary drug residues, veterinary drug residues in milk, Veterinary medicines, Zeulab Products, Análisis, Residuos antibióticos, Test4all


Technology has changed and improved our lives. Zeulab has developed a new system for antibiotics testing that allows to make quick providing decisions in real time. Providing a better management of milk and improvements in production processes.

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Detection of antibiotic residues in feed: from farm to fork

Feb 26, 2015 1:43:36 PM / by admin posted in antibiotic free chicken, antibiotic free meat, antibiotic residue in meat, antibiotic residues, Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic resistant bacteria, antibiotic testing, Antibiotics, antibiotics in chicken, Antibiotics in feedingstuffs, antibiotics in food, antibiotics in meat, antibiotics in our food, antimicrobial resistance, Detection of antibiotic residues in feed, e-reader, food quality testing, Food Safety Safe food, food security, Inhibition test, Maximum residue limit, MRL, Safe on food, screening method, veterinary drug residue testing, zeulab


The use of antibiotics with therapeutical or prophylactical purposes is a common practice in livestock. These antimicrobials are often administered to food animals through medicated feedingstuffs.

lod Detection of antibiotic residues in feed explorer 2.0Antibiotics in feedingstuffs

Medicated feedingstuffs may be defined as mixtures of veterinary medicinal products and feed intended to be fed to animals because of their therapeutic or preventive features. Antimicrobial products that are part of medicated feedingstuffs must have been authorised for the animal species which the feed is administrated to and must also be included in Council Regulation 2377/90.

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Antibiotics in food: responsibility of all

Feb 11, 2015 12:45:48 PM / by admin posted in antibiotic milk test, antibiotic milk test kits, antibiotic residues, antibiotic residues in milk, Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic test for milk, antibiotic testing, antibiotic testing in milk, Antibiotics, antibiotics in food, antimicrobial resistance, food quality testing, Food safety, Inhibition test, Maximum residue limits, Milk quality, milk quality analysis, milk quality testing, milk quality tests, milk testing, milk tests, MRL, quality of milk, screening test, veterinary drug residue testing, veterinary drug residues, veterinary drug residues in milk


antibiotics in food, zeulabBacterial infections have been controlled for decades thanks to the efficiency of antibiotics. Now different sectors are warning about the necessity of an appropriate use of these drugs in order to preserve its unrivaled capacity

The first studies using sulfonamides to treat infectious diseases began in the early 20th century. In just a few decades these drugs together with penicillin G help to decrease the rate of mortality caused by infections.

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