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Representatives of the Lithuanian Dairy Board visit Spain

May 2, 2017 9:49:41 AM / by admin posted in analysis of antibiotics, collaboration, Company, Dairy, Dairy products, Dairy Sector, Lithuanian Dairy Board, Pieno Tyrimai, Visit, Zeulab Products


A group of members from the Ministry of Agriculture, The State Animal Breeding Supervision Service, State Food and Veterinary Service, State Laboratories as “Pieno Tyrimai“ and dairy companies spent few days in Spain visiting dairy companies and dairy laboratories together with Zeulab.

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The simplest and least time consuming method to test antibiotic residues in food

Nov 30, 2016 2:17:21 PM / by admin posted in Antibiotics, Dairy products


e-Reader; the innovative system that runs antibiotic analysis for you. A multi-residues analysis that detects more than 30 substances in a single assay complying with EU MRLs. e-Reader works with microbial tests (Eclipse or Explorer) where the assay is automatically carried out. So, it guarantees the best assay performance and saves the user’s time.

e-reader antibiotic detection in food

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Special Plan for the Italian dairy sector

May 13, 2015 10:34:50 AM / by admin posted in antibiotic milk test antibiotic milk test kits, antibiotic residues, antibiotic residues in milk, antibiotic test for milk, antibiotic testing, antibiotic testing in milk, antibiotics in food, antimicrobial resistance, Dairy products, italian dairy sector, italian milk, italian milk and dairy products, Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Maximum residue limits, Milk quality, milk quality analysis, milk quality testing, milk quality tests, milk testing, milk tests, quality of milk, Special Plan for the Italian dairy sector, veterinary drug residues in milk


The Italian Ministry of Agriculture The Italian Ministry of Agriculture (Ministero delle alimentari Agricultural Policies and Forestry) has developed a plan to support and improve the quality of milk and dairy products.

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China’s Dairy evolution and new challenges

May 5, 2015 9:53:23 AM / by admin posted in Antibiotics, buy milk china, china, china dairy sector, china milk consumption, china milk products, chinese dairy market, chinese market, chinese milk, Dairy products, dairy products china, Agricultural Outlook, melamine china milk, milk china, milk export china, milk import china


According to the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2014-2023, “world milk production is projected to increase by 180 Mt by 2023 when compared to the base years (2011-2013), the majority of which, 78%, is anticipated to come from developing countries”.

This increase particularly obeys to the rise of population and its income, followed by the expanding popularity and demand of dairy products, mainly due to a westernalisation of consumer preferences and diets in developing countries.

Already in 2012, the USA was the world leader producing almost 91 Mt, followed by India with 54Mt and China producing nearly 38Mt. Brazil held the 4th and Germany the 5th position in the ranking by producing respectively 32.3Mt and 30.5Mt, respectively.

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Cheese celebrates his 9.000th birthday

Feb 20, 2013 3:54:56 PM / by admin posted in Cheese, Dairy products, Milk products


Humans have been eating cheese for 9.000 years. A group of researchers from UK, USA and Poland has proved that people ate cheese back in 7.000 B.C. Several pieces of pottery with holes similar to actual cheese strainers have been found in multiple sites from Anatolia, Europe and Africa. Scientists have found a great amount of milk fats inside strainers holes. So these specialized pottery vessels were used to milk processing without doubt. According to these evidences, farmers from Neolithic period did an early use of milk, separating fat-rich milk cruds from lactose-containing whey.

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